rln-simpsonizedDear Reader,

Welcome to a little piece of history…

Wait, that’s way too vainglorious of an introduction.

When I was eight years old…

Yeah, like you want to hear one of my dorky ‘How Star Wars Turned Me On To Movies’ stories…

How’s ’bout I cut to the quick, then — the North Shore needs more comprehensive film coverage. This is not to say that this humble daily movie website should be considered gospel, nor are we implying that there are not able and enthusiastic writers on the job in the area already. We are saying, however, that the North Shore needs another choice — a more complete choice in film coverage and promotion.

So, what the heck is this North Shore Movies all about? Information, that’s what. Starting this month, will we bring you the kind of informed and entertaining film reviews that you require in order to make more informed decisions on how to spend your valuable time and precious leisure dollars. This site will also feature DVD and Blu-Ray coverage (and giveaways), interviews, stories of both national and local interest, and perhaps most importantly, movie times so you can check out the things we cover and promote.

As North Shore Movies continues to add add movie-hungry readers, we will also add new writers. I, for one, would not be where I am today – with 20 years professional experience under my belt since Mr. Jones’s 10th grade English class at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School – if someone had not taken the chance on me by giving me my first byline. In this way, I will repay that karmic blessing and hopefully bring some exciting new voices to the mix. Perhaps even yours.

So, please give this week’s content a read if you haven’t already. We will continue to work hard to refine it to reflect your tastes, interests and passions, and welcome your input, too. Add your two cents to any story or review, or e-mail me directly at NorthShoreMoviesWeekly@gmail.com and let us know what’s on your mind.

I’m looking forward to serving you, and as Rick said to Louis on the runway at the end of “Casablanca,” “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Warm regards,

Robert Newton
Editor, NorthShoreMovies.net

Robert Newton is an award-winning writer and celebrated novelty recording artist, and runs The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage in Gloucester.

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