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The Beatles’ Last Public Performance Was 46 Years Ago Today

On January 30, 1969, The Beatles–John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr–performed publicly for the last time together. After considering high-profile locations like the Egyptian pyramids and the deck of the QE II, they settled on the humble rooftop of their label, Apple Records, at 3 Savile Row in London.

The album they were in the midst of recording was then known as “Get Back,” and was originally intended for release in 1969. The troubled production was shelved, and, after a reboot by Wall Of Sound pioneer Phil Spector, would come to be known “Let It Be.” It was to be The Beatles’ last, and was released in May 1970 (a de-Spectorized version called “Let It Be… Naked” was released in 2003).

The film “Let It Be” was released in the UK and the US in May 1970, accurately portraying a band in crisis, a warts-and-all look that has been held back from wide release ever since, due to it being such an accurate portrayal of a band in crisis. While the film had a brief home video release in the early 1980s, industry insiders suggest that it will not see a modern-day home video release while surviving Beatles Paul and Ringo are still alive.

Still, parts of the film exist in cyberspace, including the title track, which you can view below.

What’s your favorite Beatles album? Beatles movie?

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